We are an Irish network of independent visual practitioners. We are passionate about the power of visuals to connect people and ideas in creative ways.


We have created this website to showcase our work and help you choose a graphic recorder or visual facilitator for your event. You can contact the individual practitioners directly yourself.

What is Graphic Recording?


Simply put, graphic recording is the live capture of ideas in a visual way. It can also be referred to as live illustration, graphic harvesting, scribing, sketchnoting or visual note-taking.  Graphic recording can be on paper or boards and it can also be digital. You can see examples of both in the work of the individuals on this website.

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Why do you need a Graphic Recorder?


Instant Images

Graphic recording captures ideas and expressions as they are being spoken. This can be part of conferences, trainings, design sprints or any gathering of people.  A graphic recorder will illustrate your ideas in real time at your event, making your ideas engaging, shareable and actionable- instantly.

Innovation in a World of Information Overload

Meetings and conferences are often packed with great ideas and insights which are lost when people leave the room. These ideas are often complex, with many inter-relating parts. Having a displayable visual overview of all ideas aids reflection and processing of information. By finding patterns or visualising imagined scenarios, graphic recording aids in building new perceptions and alternatives.



Sometimes stakeholders come from very different worlds and everyday language can be a block to empathy building. Engagement processes are often enhanced with visual and unusual means of recording thoughts. Graphic recording helps people to feel heard, because they can literally see their voice represented on the wall.

What is Visual Facilitation?


Graphic (or visual) facilitation is about using visuals to help a group achieve a shared purpose. Graphic recording can be part of a facilitation process but it can also include the use of visual templates, visual teaching aids, mental models, diagrams, and so on.. A graphic facilitator will design and lead a process using visuals as part of their repertoire.


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