Hazel Hurley

Graphic Recording

Graphic Design



Hazel studied International Development and cares about people, the earth, nature and social justice. On the other hand she loves pretty drawings, having been a doodler since childhood, and so she did further studies in graphic design and illustration. Where these two worlds meet is what excites her and where you’ll find her! Hazel has been graphic recording at conferences and workshops since 2016, and also works with mostly not-for-profit organisations to create engaging graphics or illustrations to tell important stories. She sees her work as a sort of translation, where she translates complex ideas in text into imagery, causing the cogs in her brain to go into overdrive! Hazel tries to bring fun and a sense of humour into her work where possible as having fun is very important to her! Hazel’s other interests include dinosaurs, learning Spanish and the colour turquoise.

Hazel is particularly interested in how we can use good design and illustration to help people to care about and engage positively with the Big Challenges facing our world today.

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