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ALI Warner

Graphic Harvesting

Arts Facilitation


 Ali is passionate about all voices being heard, and uses graphic harvesting as one approach to contribute to the development of teams and groups. Her interest is in capturing words that resonate most, and sharing these in a vivid, symbolic & eye-catching way that supports a group process both during and after an event. Ali also enjoys attending to elements that can create a sense of warmth and relaxation in group participants – bespoke-designed welcome signs, table signs, name badges & more.


An experienced facilitator & intuitive arts performer, Ali brings these skills to the graphic harvesting role and would be willing to partner with you on wider group facilitation and voicework as needed. She has worked internationally as an arts-based leadership facilitator for the last ten years, and – originally from Edinburgh – has recently moved from London to make her home in Readypenny, Co. Louth.

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