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Graphic Design

Visual coaching

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Becky brings over twenty years experience in creative engagement, facilitation, visual storytelling, design and illustration. 


She loves supporting her clients to break away from conventional structures towards the use of liberating and creative approaches to answer the problems and challenges they face, shape the future they want and drive change.


She has worked with a wide variety of clients, including multinational companies, charities, educational institutions, teams, leaders, artists and change makers. 


She holds academic and vocational qualifications in Art & Design, Teaching, Counseling, Mental Health First Aid, Transactional Analysis and Safeguarding.

Some videos by Becky:

Battle of Kinsale Series

Battle of Kinsale: Red Earl

Battle of Kinsale: Great Earl

Battle of Kinsale: Spanish Earl


Music videos

Patrick Stefan: Drinking alone in the moonlight

Sam Clague: Watching the land end and the sea eat our words

MTU (corporate): Our shared future

Contact BECKy

+353 (0) 85 807 1593

Instagram: @bettybhatchett

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