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Stéphanie heckman


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Stéphanie is originally from the dune coast of The Netherlands, but has been living and working in Belfast since 2018, where she now represents the Drawesome network in the North.


Academic backgrounds in psychology, sociology, anthropology, linguistics (BA from Utrecht, The Netherlands) and strategic sustainable leadership (MSc from Karlskrona, Sweden), as well as professional training in process design and facilitation, and visual practice, all revolved around the central question of what moves us humans - how do our psyches work, what are our commonalities, how do we communicate, and how are we moved to change ourselves and the world around us for the better.


Combined with her lifelong creative passion, this brought her to visual practice. Her visual style places an emphasis on capturing both the essence of content as well as the atmosphere and dynamics of an event. Over the past five years Stéphanie has worked with a wide range of sectors and thematic areas, but at this time will prioritise collaborations with organisations working to address the climate crisis, peace & reconciliation, and leadership development. She has recently been focused on visually supporting the global political process for addressing climate change in partnership with the UN Climate Secretariat (UNFCCC). 

Some other noteworthy passions of Stéphanie’s: landscape pen illustrations, Irish mythology, room-size blanket forts and bird watching.

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