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Graphic Recording


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Graphic Recording




Ruth is a deft, perceptive illustrator with a huge flair for mood and message. A graduate of the renowned Falmouth University, she sprung on from that to establish her flourishing illustration business back in her native Donegal, which services a diverse book of national clients working across sectors such as the arts, education, enterprise and tourism. 


Specialising in visuals that simplify complex information, Ruth loves to make images that educate, inform and inspire; and produces playful illustrations, illustrated infographics and vibrant animated pieces for a client list that includes AIB, Concern, The HSE, The Marine Institute, Mental Health Ireland, National Youth Council of Ireland, Sightsavers and more.


Ruth is a seasoned graphic harvester with over 7 years experience and can often be seen drawing on large boards at live events; listening intently to discussions and translating what she hears into a creative and engaging final artwork. She offers graphic recording in two different forms, digitally and on paper, at both Irish and international conferences - capturing the imagination of the attendees by visually mapping the day’s learnings and providing a catalyst for meaningful conversations. 


Ruth particularly enjoys working in conversation with the Sustainable Development Goals and in the areas of social justice and inclusion.

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